Communication, Media and Creative Industries in the Digital Era

Autor: Paulo Faustino | Iván Puentes | Francisco Belda
Data de Lançamento: 2019
Páginas: 270
ISBN: 978-989-8969-30-9


The media sector is one of the most important in the creative industry, but it is currently part of an environment subject to rapid evolution and strong market pressure. This work is part of the Integrated Mentoring Project, Entrepreneurship, Digital Editing Business Models – PIMENED -, hosted by the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto. It includes a selection of 12 articles that offer a vision of the media and communication based on four vectors: business models; the relationship with entrepreneurship and value creation; the media as a communication and marketing support; the media as vehicles for journalistic productions. These are the four axes on which the organization of the book is based, assuming the usefulness of a non-piecemeal and closed approach, but, rather, integrated and dynamic in this field. It aims to provide a broader and more multifaceted look at the media, linking different geographies, according to the very complexity of the object on which it is reflected. These various perspectives affect each other and the purpose of the work is, without conceptual and analytical sacrifice, to show these multidimensional connections to the various parts in which it is structured.