Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies – JOCIS (Vol. VII)

Auteur: Terry Flew and Paulo Faustino (eds.)
Date de sortie: 2021
Pages: 154
ISSN: 5-607727-158028-00007

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JOCIS is a Scientific Journal created by MediaXXI/ Formalpress in partnership with several international entities, such as International Media Management Academic Association (IMMAA), and also with the collaboration of the Centre for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture (CIC. Digital) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto and the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University Nova of Lisbon. Co-directed by Terry Flew and Paulo Faustino, JOCIS is created, designed and peer-reviewed by a highly qualified international team of academic researchers and publishers with years of experience.

JOCIS 7 presents four articles: Sport and Mobile TV: Conceptualization and Empirical Analysis of a Mobile TV Usage Model; The Memory within Photography: How to Observe Photographic Images in the “Post” Context; Mapping the Film and Audiovisual Sectors: A Research Agenda for the Future; and Nostalgia, Retro-Marketing, and Neuromarketing: An Exploratory Review. This issue also includes an interview with Robert Picard, an expert in media and communications economics and policy. Robert shared his views with us on the subject of the economy and policymaking in the creative industries in the digital era we are currently living in. The interview is followed by the reviews on four books: Inovação, gestão, marketing e tendência no mercado do livro; Unfaking News: Como Combater a Desinformação; Communication, Media and Creative Industries in the Digital Era; and Comunicación, Medios e Industrias Creativas en la Era Digital.

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