Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies – JOCIS

Author: Terry Flew | Paulo Faustino
Release date: 2017
Pages: 132
ISBN: 978-989-729-189-0
ISSN: 2184-0466

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The Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies (JOCIS) won’t be just another scientific magazine, it will be the scientific magazine of international reference, anchored in a large and highly qualified international team
In addition to having the classic model of a magazine in this area, JOCIS will also count with interviews with experts, study summaries, summaries of scientific events and reading proposals, making it a consistent and innovative project.
Because a creative design is also essential to a scientific magazine, we’ll be constantly improving and searching for better graphic and aesthetic solutions valued by our readers.
JOCIS is intended to run around the world. It can be found in digital media and bookstores (such as in our website and Amazon – in digital and printed version through print on demand) and physical bookstores.

This number:
Foreword by invited expert Terry Flew and Paulo Faustino
Guest editorial by Terry Flew on creative industries and regional development strategies
Articles: “Attracting Startups within Creative Industries and the High-Tech Sector”, by Prof. Dr. Uwe Eisenbeis and M. Sc. Andrea Bohne; “Finding Direction When Developing New Media Products”, by Tanja Eiff and Heinz-Werner Nienstedt; “Lisboa Criativa: Why it is Important to Connect”, by Carla Moreira Maritins Barros; “Business Models for Digital Newspapers”, by Blanca Piñeiro Torres.
Reports: “Italian Cultural and Creative Industries” and “Marco Gambaro’s Perspective on Italian Creative Industries”, by Fulvia Santovito; “Understanding Creative Clusters: The Interplay between Organisational Management and Urban Studies, by Dinara Tokbaeva
Book reviews: What Society Needs in the Age of Digital Communication, Robert Picard; Media Corporate Entrepreneurship, Dr. Min Hang


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