Looking to the Future of Modern Media Management

Auteur: Christian Scholz | Uwe Eseinbeis (eds.)
Date de sortie: 2008
Pages: 161
ISBN: 978-989-8143-07-5

11,90  IVA incl.


During the last decade media have become one of the strongest industries of the world, showing a fast and exponential development. This scenario generates a growing need for specific management tools for professionals of the sector, in order to foresee present and future challenges, predict consumer’s behavior, technological development and evolution or value chains, or to identify new areas of investment.

This book suppresses this gap, seeking to provide theoretical and empirical knowledge to the market.

Organized by Christian Scholz and Uwe Eisenbeis, members of the International Media Management Academics Association, this work reunites 22 articles from some of the most renowned researchers and international professionals in the sector, including the contribution of a Portuguese teacher, Paulo Faustino (Portuguese Catholic University).

For all these reasons, “Lookin to the Future of Modern Media Management”, with the stamp of Media XXI, constitutes compulsory reading for everyone: managers, professionals and scholars of the media sector or, simply, for anyone interested in economy and in the future of the communication market.