Newsroom Decision-Making: Under New Management

Autor: George Sylvie
ISBN: 978-989-8143-4

17,00  IVA incl.

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Do news media need a new kind of manager?

Does an industry beset by digitization, convergence, recession and perceived lack of value have room for a team-player – someone who can share information and authority, respect subordinates, nurture creativity and diversity, and possess the interpersonal skills to influence others throughout the news organization.

Or is this just an academic pipe dream or more business review psychobabble? George Sylvie and his collaborators explore just that in Newsroom Decision-Making: Under New Management, which deconstructs newsroom decision-making influences and proposes a framework that will enable editors and managers to recapture the leadership mantle – if they’re up to it, and if they’re able to evolve along with the rest of the world.