Transductions – a Global Experiment in Digital Art Curation

Autor: Renata Lemos Morais
Data de Lançamento: 2016
Páginas: 74
ISBN: 978-989-729-165-4

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The ebook “Transductions” portraits the Renata Lemos Morais experience as a curator, which she describes as a journey of aesthetic serendipity. It is the textual offspring of Transductions #18, a pop-up exhibition that made part of the Pause Festival of Digital Culture in Melbourne, in 2015.

Through the fortuitous and elusive encounters of digital curation, Renata Lemos Morais has been exploring the refracted images of her own personal sense of aesthetics mirrored in the expansive lens of the digital mesh. Transductions#18 was conceptualised out of the creative urge to manifest this process within a physical space.

According to the author, “the exhibition was about living the questions not only in the now, but also about enacting a living experiment with some of the most important questions of our now, by tapping into the continuous mesh of virtuality and physicality which is interspersed in the chaos and complexity of contemporary life”.