A special interview with José Manuel Simões

José Manuel Simões and Gonçalo Sousa, on the day of the presentation of the book “Os Índios Potiguara” in the FNAC of Santa Catarina in Porto (Portugal).

From the first moment we met, I admit, I always had an admiration for this person and a fascination for the character. For all the reasons I expressed on top, I must add that it is not only an honor to present the writer José Manuel Simões to the readers of the blog Mundo de Livros, but it is above all a great pride to reveal the man behind works such as “Os Índios Potiguara” (2013), “Ponto de Luz” (2015) and “Deus Tupã” (still to edit in 2016).

By preparing the text you are reading, I found it very interesting to note that the shortest answer of this interview is a huge word, which might be the perfect definition of the thought and the way of life of this unique personality of the Portuguese culture. “Freedom,” he replied when I asked him what main influence has the writer Jack Kerouac on his life and work (which was for me definitely the most personal question of this interview).

After so many years, I know now the answer when someone asks me why I admire so much the work and the life of José Manuel Simões. And the answer is very simple: it is moved by Freedom! But by which freedom?
Freedom of thought, creative Freedom, spiritual Freedom, Freedom from prejudice, from this Freedom we can find, the Freedom of knowledge, after all the freedom which turn Life in a journey of Humanity which is worth remembering. And, in each of his books, this is the supreme value which goes through every reader as if he has always been at the Pursuit of Eternal Freedom.