Process of Edition

1 – Publishing: we have a team of professionals able to review the text and suggest possible changes or improvements from the original.
2 – Design: We elaborate the graphic project and the composition of each book, through careful layout, as well as the design and the final art of the cover art and the promotional products. The author can collaborate in the work strategy, with images, illustrations, among other content.
3 – Administrative support: We resolve all administrative procedures relating to the publication, since the registration of the work, the acquisition of the legal deposit and the ISBN/ISSN.
4 – Printing: We ensure a quality production, through various partnerships with printing companies (digital printing or offset).
5 – Promotion: We plan and execute on a local and global perspective, all activities related to communication, editorial marketing and distribution, according to the most appropriate channels ??? traditional retail, kiosks, direct selling, cross-selling or digital platforms.