Journalism in Change

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This book presents a compilation of a large part of the reflections and findings by the research group Novos Medios, which are related to the analysis of the change processes and the technological transition that have fully altered the media and the profession of journalism.

Works included in Journalism in change have been made within several national projects and the International Research Network XESCOM. The authors have profoundly and systematically reflected on the major topics of interest in the field of Communication.

Some of them are the new equal relationship between media and users, the emergence of mobile journalism and social networks, the creation and restructuration of professional profiles, and the renovation of the elements of journalism.

Journalism in change is sifted through a critical approach of the profession and the consequences of the emergence of the Internet, social networks, and new forms of relationship, such as the mass self-communication and the participatory journalism. However, the book is presented from an optimistic perspective. While this profession is engulfed in an endemic and permanent crisis, it is possible to distinguish some opportunities in a new, changing, and digital context. Journalism is obliged to reinvent itself and take advantage of the new digital environment if it is to survive. But hope is coming back. Journalism has major challenges to face, but multiple opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.