Portugal 2020


Name of the project: AMBITION XXI

Beneficiary entity: Formalpress, Ltd.

Code of the project: NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-002656

Region of intervention: Norte2020 – Oporto

Date of approval of the project: 2015.09.07

Starting date: 2015.10.19

Date of conclusion: 2018.20.18

Total eligible cost: 188.866,78 €

Self co-participation: 55%.

FEDER co-participation: 45%


Objectives of the project/activities and results:

FORMALPRESS – PUBLISHING AND MARKETING LTD. was founded in 2003, being its main activity scientific and technical publishing, through the brand Media XXI. Formalpress also holds other unities of the business related to content production, research, consulting and events specialized in areas related to cultural, creative and tourism media industries.

In the editorial field our mission is to build ourselves as a reference, both national and international, in publishing, production and selling of scientific and technical books online and offline, related to the areas of communication, media, culture, tourism, publishing and creative industries.

An integral part of our mission is also the permanent cooperation with investigation centres and universities, among other public and private organizations, regarding the dissemination and transfer of knowledge. In the other business areas (consulting, investigation and content production) our mission is to produce and share knowledge, as well as help our partners to create value in their own businesses and activities, especially those related to the industry of communication, culture, creativity and tourism.

FORMALPRESS also has the following strategic goals with this project:

– To consolidate our business model;

– To increase our productive capacity;

– To expand and diversify supply in markets;

– To reinforce the international distribution channels;

– To reinforce the prestige of the brand internationally;

– To grow our business volume abroad


To implement the project, FORMALPRESS is developing several actions, such as:

– Presence on the web and digital economy: optimization and broadening of electronic selling systems, print on demand and dematerialization of products.

– International promoting and brand strengthening: investing in the brand’s international registration;

– Prospection of external markets: explore and widen the base of potential clients and business opportunities;



Date(s) – 2016.09.05 – 2016.09.09





Intercom is an association for teachers, students and universities in the field of comunication sciences. It’s one of the biggest associations of its kind in the world, with about 5000 associates. Its annual congress is the most important scientific event in Brazil in these areas. Since Formalpress is a technical and scientific publishing house focused on the communication sciences fields, the presence or association to this event becomes a central initiative in the marketing and communication strategy in Brazil. Thus, Formalpress was present with a book stand and its logo has also appeared as partner in the conference’s program. It was also possible to give away brochures of the company’s presentation at the conference.


The actions of public relationships and marketing in this conference focused on the following actions:


1. Inclusion of the Media XXI logo on all Intercom supports, namely posters and background screen of the conference. We present the first page of Intercom’s website with our logo:




2. Presence with a stand where Media XXI books were promoted:




3. Presence at the Publicom with the presentation of books and authors of Media XXI, that may be seen on the Intercom’s page with the following information:

“Publicom – XI Meeting with Authors/Publishers and Recent Publications on Communication

Space destined to the launch of new publications – books, magazines, portals and other products for academic difusion – authored by partners and participants enrolled in the annual congress of Intercom, allowing the authors and publishers the presentation of their works and starting dialogue with readers or potential users.”

George Leal Jamil, Armando Malheiro da Silva, Market Intelligence (Media XXI)
Hélder Prior, Public Sphere and Political Scandal (Media XXI)
Luís Paulo Rodrigues, Communication – Risks and Opportunities (Media XXI)

Through the Intercom’s website link it is possible to consult the program of Publicom (activity developed by Intercom) with the promotion and presentation of some of our books:



4. A bag was distributed with the conference’s program where it was included a brochure of Media XXI, and this brochure was also distributed during the breaks of the conference as well as placed on the tables so people could take it:



– Marketing and international communication: carrying out actions and communication campaigns online and offline;


– Method of organization and reinforcement of internal capacities: aims to develop competences through hiring of staff full-time and part-time and with training actions.

With the implementation of these strategies and the expansion of our geographic market, FORMALPRESS estimates an increase of the exportations post-project to 70.85%, being that in 2014 was about 65%.