Social Neurocommunication

Autor: Jesús Timóteo Alvarez
ISBN: 978-989-729-134-0

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This book is the result of the work carried out during 2013 and 2014 in the project ¨NERUROCOMMUNICATION: MANAGEMENT OF SOCIAL COMMUNICATION BASED ON THE NEUROSCIENCES AND NETWORK THEORY. EXPERIMENT ON THE CREATION ON CONNECTIVE INTELLIGENCE OR BY SWARMS”, coordinated , as main researcher by Professor Jesús Timoteo Alvarez , from Complutense University of Madrid and financed by the Spanish Economy and Competitivity Ministry within the National Research Program. This research operates within the Human Connections field, in the operative processes of an hypothetical ¨Connective intelligence¨, similar concept to ¨Social Intelligence¨ or ¨Social Brain¨. It is about ¨ SOCIAL NEUROCOMMUNICATION¨ referred to group connections and the development of connective processes. We do not deal, therefore, with the Neuroscientists domain. We look for, from its conclusions and results of the Network Theory and Brain Sciences and Genetics, to establish similarities with group processes of opinion , creation and configuration of behaviors and attitudes.This research is an integrationist analysis , includes the State of the Matter and Art , everything that exists to date about the effects that discoveries of the Neurosciences have had in Social Sciences and, specifically, in the Social Communication Science and Industry (Advertising, Media, Corporative Communication, Marketing, Consumer and Political Marketing ,) It was published in Spanish in January 2013 to fulfill the requirements demanded by the research project itself. The final objective of the research is the understanding of how the opinion is created (traditionally known as Public Opinion) how perceptions, behaviors and attitudes are generated, created and changed , relating everything to purchasing and /or voting decisions. For this, we have worked with a methodology based on software to search and trace the network and the application of two complementary systems of Net Intelligence. The research team responsible for this Project is a R+D group recognized by Complutense University of Madrid with the number 940439 and led by Professor Jesús Timoteo Alvarez . This team has a brand for introduction and for external relations called ¨Think Com: ¨Strategic Thinking Institute¨ ( that manages and promotes researches and works that the team itself accomplishes.