The New Way – A Competence Agenda for a Trust Society

Autor: Francisco Jaime Quesado
Data de Lançamento: 2020
Páginas: 74
ISBN: 978-989-729-212-5

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THE NEW WAY – A Competence Agenda for a Trust Society is a Manifesto that combines a statement of some of the enablers of Modernity and Value Creation with some Cases & Experiences of the last 10 years in Portugal.
The Message of THE NEW WAY is directed to those who believe that only with a systemic agenda on innovation and creativity is possible to sustain the competitiveness of the economy and the future of society. THE NEW WAY is also a synthesis of most of the experiences that I had in different projects and
experiences that are a good example of the belief of many colleagues and friends in the opportunity of the challenge of innovation and creativity for the agenda of change of our country.
THE NEW WAY is the evidence that when we are Competent and We Cooperate we are able to give a sense of reality to the projets we are involved in. THE NEW WAY is also an experience of the importance of having a good Communication with our citizens and our institutions, to build an effective convergence towards a society of Trust and Intelligence.
THE NEW WAY is above all an individual and collective commitment with our community, a public space where the flow of ideas is the platform for more value and more quality of life.